2019 - Week 22

We thought it might be helpful to keep a record of where we’re up to with modelling public bills and public bill procedure. So this is the first in a semi-regular series of updates.

This week

Michael drew up a first (skeleton) draft model for bills (as opposed to bill procedure). Much more thought and work is needed here. We plan to meet with John to check whatever we produce is interoperable with TNA models.

Anya, Jayne, Robert, Ben and Michael met with Jane and Dominic to discuss some minor changes to the procedure model. The changes push some of the logic that was contained in code back into the data, and allow for views of things currently before Parliament, such as lists of editorialised key steps and the ability to call out steps where Members can take action.

Anya, Robert and Michael met Richard to whiteboard some bits of House of Commons procedure around terminal states, royal consent and second and third readings. The second reading and royal consent part of this has been documented. More needs to be documented, but we want to ensure what we’ve done is correct before propagating nonsense. Clouds denote fuzzy areas where we know more modelling is required. All language in the bubbles is improvised and not fixed.

Next week

More time with Richard to double check we’ve documented his thinking correctly. Arranging an introduction to domain modelling for interested parties. Happy weekends everyone.