2019 - Week 26

Your second in a semi-regular series of updates on what we’re up to with modelling public bills and public bill procedure.

This week

On Tuesday, Robert and Michael spent an hour squinting at photos of the whiteboard they’d filled with bits of Richard’s brain in week 25. A few extra bits were decanted into the flowchart.

On Wednesday, there was a second meeting with Richard. He spotted some problems with our logic flow around Queen’s and Prince of Wales’ Consent and second reading. These are fixed now.

On Friday Michael gave Dominic a brief introduction to how we work and why and how we use Domain Driven Design. It was a useful dry run for further sessions we’re planning. A trifle nutbag in parts perhaps but none the worse for that.

Next week

A further hour is booked in with Richard, possibly looking at third readings, ten minute rule bills and carry over motions.

On Tuesday, Matthieu, Robert and Michael are meeting to discuss the approach to implementing logic gates in the procedure model.

On Thursday Anya, Robert and Michael have two hours booked in with David and Matt to dip a first toe into House of Lords procedural waters.

On Friday, Anya, Robert and Michael are meeting Martyn and Adam, seeking fresh eyes to look over what we have so far for House of Commons procedure.