2019 - Week 27

This week

On Monday, Robert and Michael met Richard to fill in some gaps around Commons third readings and ten minute rule bills. These are now all drawn up and in search of feedback.

On Wednesday Anya, Robert and Michael met David and Matt to make a start on Lords procedure. Three whiteboards were filled. These await decantation into documentation.

On Thursday Matthieu, Robert and Michael met to chat about adding logic gates and decision steps to the procedure model. Agreement not yet reached but we’re edging closer.

And on Thursday afternoon, Anya, Robert and Matthieu met Martyn and Adam to stare in trepidation at the foothills of EVEL.

Next week

Anya and Michael have a meeting with Dominic and Librarian Jayne to talk through the procedure model and how that fits with the flowcharts.

No other domain modelling sessions are planned, mainly because there’s still so much to draw up from the session with David and Matt. And the prospect of drawing EVEL sends us running in the direction of smelling salts, clutching pearls.

On Thursday Michael is going to attempt to explain Domain Driven Design and why we use it to clerkly colleagues. We may even get into how it emerged from agile, where it fits with complexity theory.