2019 - Week 29

Last week

Anya and Michael talked Dominic through the procedure model and logic gates and associated flowcharts.

Michael met with Ben to tick some additional boxes around second readings in the House of Lords.

Robert and Michael decanted a little more detail from the whiteboard session with David and Matt into documentation.

Michael gave a talk to clerkly types on agile, Cynefin, Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development and assorted other DDs which he hopes was not too nutbag.

Michael found a plotter in the library. This means we have large printouts of bill procedure that are close to being legible. Please shout if you’d like a truly handsome artefact to decorate your office.

This week

We have a couple of prearranged meetings with external people lined up, namely John and David. Otherwise, we’re putting public bill procedure modelling on hold for a while.