2019 - Week 33

This week

We’ve finally made a public Trello board to capture what we’ve done and what we think we still need to do around public bill modelling in general. There may well be things missing that are obvious to you but not obvious to us. Please do get in touch if you spot we’ve missed or mangled anything.

On Thursday John, Matt and Catherine ventured out of The National Archives and paid a visit to Anya, Robert and Michael in Tothill Street. They all met with Fliss and Adam and had a very useful conversation about where our models of procedure, business items, tablings and decisions might intersect with the world of LDAPP. They concluded that it’s still a little early to say. The current release of LDAPP is number three and parliamentary amendments are not included until release number five. Nevertheless, there was consensus that now is a good time to be thinking and talking about such things. And agreement that aligning models and identifiers will be helpful to all parties. Matt B kindly introduced Anya and Michael to Matthew - the project lead of LDAPP. A trip to a whiteboard in Glasgow seems likely.

On Friday, Anya, Robert and Michael spent some time poring over photos of the whiteboard session on the Lords committee stage they drew with David and Matt K a while back. Standing Orders were perused. Erskine May was consulted and the flowchart [6] was updated. This bit is still very work in progress and we know we’re missing quite a lot of detail. But two hopefully not too dim questions have headed off to David and Matt K, so any arrows marked with question marks should get tidied up soon.

Next week

We’re hoping to meet Richard again and check the Commons second reading flowchart against its Lords equivalent, particularly around questions being ‘put forthwith’.

We’re definitely meeting Matt K to tidy a few more loose ends around Lords committee stage and hopefully deal with some feedback from James.