2019 - Week 34

This week

Anya, Jayne and Michael met Richard to talk through where the Commons second reading map has inadvertently crept out of sync with the Lords model, particularly around questions being put forthwith. They agreed that the Commons map should look similar. After some time squinting at the Lords map, they made a few tidying tweaks, all of which are now drawn up and hopefully easier to follow. Michael still needs to amend the picture for the Commons to align with this.

They also spent some time chatting through Commons Standing Order No. 97, certification, ministerial motions and the Scottish Grand Committee. The result exists as a sketch but Jayne wants to spend a little more time with SO No. 97 before we add it to the big map.

Anya and Michael met Matt to go back over committee stage commitment and change of commitment motions. The result is hopefully a better description of procedure. Visually, admittedly, it’s a bit messy. There is much tidying to be done around committee stage in general. Anya wants to spend a bit more time with Erskine May to check which committees flow through to report stage and which flow back to Committee of the Whole House.

Anya and Michael have started to add references to Standing Orders to the flowcharts. All rather vague, but a nod in the direction of procedure models citing sources.

Next week

Jayne is spending time with Standing Orders.

Anya is spending time with Erskine May.

Michael is drawing pictures.