2019 - Week 44


These weeknotes come with an apology for our short break in transmission. The Schrödinger prorogation and the actual prorogation have made things a little hectic for my compatriots, if not for me. Anyway, since we last spoke we have:

All of these changes are drawn up in the flowchart except leave to withdraw, which so far only exists on a whiteboard and as a photograph. Large size print outs of the procedure map are available courtesy of the Library plotter. Do shout if you’d like one. If nothing else, they would make super Christmas wrapping paper for the procedural geeks amongst us.

Jayne and Michael have just emerged blinking from a meeting with Martyn about motions, orders and resolutions. In the immediate future this has more implications for our statutory instrument and treaty flowcharts but we’ll be double checking against the bill procedure to ensure everything is consistent.

Next week

We have a meeting with some academics who’ve been analysing changes to Standing Orders over time. We’d like to see if we might be able to put stable identifiers to Standing Orders. We have a dream of being able to cite specific SOs from procedural routes where appropriate.

We also have a meeting with Mssrs. Makower and Korris to run back through Queen’s and Prince of Wales’ consent, legislative consent motions, money and supply bills and possibly a little more around committee stages.