2019 - Week 47

Librarian Jayne and Michael continued their efforts to remove scheduling steps from the SI and treaty flowcharts and transfer that across to the bill flowchart. Jianhan tidied orphaned steps and business items in their wake.

Anya, Robert and Michael had another whiteboard session with David. They returned to the topic of money bills and the seeking of Commons only Royal Assent under the Parliament Act. They went back over Lords commitment and change of commitment motions, adding in Joint Select Committees en route, which really mucks up the flowchart layout.

Robert and Michael transferred most of the whiteboard into the flowchart and added their first dollop of Norman French. Heady days. They also started to draw out the motion model around ten minute rules bills, more as a test exercise. Someuncertainty here as to whether many of the bubbles are actually applicable. Sense checking has to happen.

Librarian Jayne and Michael started to add motions lapsing and the effects thereof into the SI and treaty flowcharts with an eye on adding the same to the bill procedure.