2019 - Week 48

Librarian Jayne and Michael once more attacked the SI and treaty procedures with precision honed pliers. Draft procedures are now fully session end compliant. Made affirmative and made negative instruments need some work. Treaties are being put off for better days.

Thursday saw a meeting with Paul and Martyn. We’re not snobs, but we like to think we work with the brightest and best. The meeting was supposed to cover decideable things and decisions, but Paul took Michael’s pen and proceeded to give a masterclass in procedure, mostly around selection and groupings and orderings of considerations of things. When Michael finally got his pen back, Paul and Martyn pored over the Parliament Act. As a consequence, some tidying of money bills and bills previously rejected by the Lords but subject to said Act occurred. These are now in the flowchart awaiting a decision on whether they’re lacking a marker for a ‘decision’ or not.