2019 - Week 50

Something of a slow week this time out but here for completeness. Anya got distracted by election matters and the business of new Members. Robert got distracted by making slides for our procedure presentation to the SPG. And Michael disappeared further down the rabbit hole of Standing Orders.

The House of Commons Public Standing Order data gathered by the ParlRules project is now wrapped into something vaguely resembling a website. Albeit not the prettiest example of HTML you may have encountered.

At the risk of repetition, we’d like to cite Standing Orders that inform procedure from our assorted procedure maps. But they’re currently cited by their position in a publication, which is subject to change. Obviously. So, we’re envisaging being able to cite SO fragments in a way that’s persistent over time and shows:

We’re planning to spend some time in the new year going over what’s there, what should be there and drawing up an ontology to capture Standing Orders in as descriptive a fashion as possible.