2019 - Week 51

Our final outing of 2019 sees Librarian Jayne and Michael continue to tidy up SI and treaty procedures. All five procedures are now replete with motion lapsed steps which had hitherto been missing. Jayne has reindexed all applicable work packages which pops a neatly fitting hat atop those that came to a juddering halt at dissolution, and will hopefully help to shut the door firmly in the face of a ‘zombie SI’ or two.

Jayne has also tidied up our treaties. One treaty had been laid under the CRAG procedure although there was no legal requirement to do so. This has now been removed from the data platform and therefore the website(s).

Journal Office Jane had noticed that we’d created a step for JCSI scrutiny reserve lifted which she thought might be redundant. Jayne and Michael had a chat and decided that Jane was quite correct. As so often is the case. This step has now been removed. We await the magical touch of Jianhan who as ever will be tidying up orphaned data in our wake.

Journal Office Jane also pointed out that we’d been adding making details to SIs that arrived in Parliament as drafts. Anya and Jayne had a chat. Jayne and Michael had a separate chat. All came to the conclusion that we would not start calling a bill that had been before Parliament an Act when Royal Assent was given. The bill is the bill, the Act is the Act. So these details are also awaiting the tender touch of Jianhan and will be removed.

In side project news, Rad got in touch to say that they’ve updated their Standing Order data to take in all of the House of Commons Public SOs up to 2019. Michael has watched his computer run his wonky code for several hours and our SO website is now up to date. Robert has applied some of his residual London College of Printing skills and the whole thing has also started to look quite nice.

And with that we wish you a merry Christmas and depart. See you on the other side.