2021 - Week 44

First off, we must start with apologies. Michael spent week 43 on a much needed vacation. This time in North Kent rather than in his typical haunt of St Lucia. Weeknotes wise, this means we’ve skipped a week. And memory wise, Michael remains confused about what went on before his vacation and what’s transpired since. Though he is reaching an age where repetition becomes second nature, so it’s possible you won’t notice much difference. We’re reasonably confident he’s not medically senile, and should he ever start a conversation with, ‘when I was at the BBC’ we find it’s best to give him a bag of Murray Mints and wait for it to wear off. Anyway, some things definitely did happen this week. But they’re all a little half finished. So we don’t have much to point you at. A quick summary, then, in the form of bullet points: