Debates on statutory instruments

All affirmative instruments, unless withdrawn, revoked or lapsed, will be debated in the House of Commons and, if laid, in the House of Lords. Negative instruments can also be debated in either House if a prayer has been tabled against the instrument and time has been allocated.

Affirmative instruments

The following queries are separated by where affirmative instruments were laid, whether it be in the House of Commons only or both Houses. The second query will show the debates of both Houses.

Affirmative instruments not debated before being approved

Affirmative instruments are usually debated before the Question to approve the instrument is put before the House. Occasionally, for different reasons, an instrument may not be debated and the Question be put forthwith. The following queries show these instruments.

Type of debate

The following queries break the above queries down further into type of debate so whether they took place in the chamber or in committee.

Negative instruments

The following queries look at instruments that had a prayer tabled against them in one House and then debated. We’ve not grouped instruments by which House they were laid into because negative instruments will only be debated in a House where a prayer has been tabled and this does not always happen in both Houses. The queries also show the type of prayer tabled for information.

Type of debate

As above, these queries break the queries down further into type of debate so if you’re only interested in debates that took place in a Delegated Legislation Committee or a Grand Committee.