Data platform photo API

There’s an index of Member portraits here:

You can request the index in a bunch of different formats, e.g.

From this you can get the URIs of the photos in our triple store, e.g.

If you take the ID from the end of this and go to our photo API, you get the full size image, with metadata embedded, e.g.

As you can see from our media pages (e.g. https://beta.parliament.uk/media/iXSJ5Acp), you can add parameters to crop and resize the photos from our API rather than on your end, e.g.

The examples above are all in use, so should be cached and fast to serve. If you ask for custom parameters it may take a while per photo.

Your use will be subject to rate limiting: 10 calls per second per IP address for /query, 60 calls per second per IP address for /photo.

Returning to the results from https://api.parliament.uk/query/person_photo_index, the person URI (e.g. https://id.parliament.uk/nerwVGrY) is Parliament’s canonical URI for, in this case, a person and will resolve to https://beta.parliament.uk/people/nerwVGrY.

Some Peers have had their photos taken and will be available in the near future.

The images are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.